McGregor to win by KO/TKO in rounds 1 or 2 betting odds at +225 at major Irish betting site

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    I'm telling you brother. Alvarez was a great matchup and he fought a shit fight against Conor. It really warped the perspective on Conor. It was like watching Anderson beat up Forrest. We all know Anderson would get fucked up at 205 despite that fantastic performance against Forrest Griffin at 205.

    People act like Conor has crazy power but he really doesn't Even if you watch him at 145. Against scrubby ass Siver and Brandao 0 he hit them clean repeatedly and didn't sleap them TKO is very different when you consider people act like Conor is gonna sleep Khabib. Aldo goofed and ran chin first into that left hand but that's is an anomaly. Conor's power is a big time myth. Conor doesn't has special power. Honestly man especially at 155.
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    Oh, I completely agree about Conor's power. Nate Diaz has a tough chin, but he won the first fight by simply slugging it out with Conor and absorbing a hellacious number of blows without ever seriously being hurt. That put a very clear upper limit on Conor's power.

    I was always more impressed with Conor's handspeed, reactions, movement, and traps.

    And you are correct about Alvarez being a favorable match-up; I love Eddie, but cringed when thinking about how much and how easily he misses straight shots and gets knocked down by utterly mediocre strikers. (Toby Imada)

    Still, even the best fighters have flaws and question marks, and that certainly applied to Khabib, too. Khabib exposed Conor's shortcomings on a variety of levels.
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